Reincarnation and Karma

Q: If I finish my life’s purpose, do I have to reincarnate again?

A: This is one of the most often asked questions regarding reincarnation and karma. First, let it be said that getting off the wheel of birth and rebirth is one of the most challenging things a soul can do. It takes many, many lives to finish our experiences here on Earth in all of their facets. No matter how much we accomplish in a single life, there is most always more to do. The truth is there’s nothing wrong with coming back to earth through the process of reincarnation. It’s a natural part of life. What we want to avoid is returning to earth to finish what could have been accomplished in this life. This happens all too often and can be a source of frustration and confusion. The question to ask is not if we are returning to earth but are we accomplishing what we came here to do.


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