Remembering Steve Jobs

Remembering Steve JobsIt is truly remarkable to think about all Steve Jobs accomplished in his too short life and how he reflects the extraordinary times we live in. It was not that long ago computers were huge, complicated machines that filled rooms and required highly skilled technicians to operate. Jobs was part of the revolution that brought the computer first to the desktop, then the laptop and then to the palm of your hand. As we all know, this revolution changed our lives and opened up a new world of communication and exchange of information.

Of course, Steve Jobs was not alone in this revolution. Yet what he was able to do was express this technology in a way that became a type of universal language — a simple, user-friendly approach to complicated computer protocol. And what made it all the more incredible was he achieved much of this while facing an illness that would eventually claim his life.

There is an analogy in metaphysics. Metaphysics teaches that the blossoming in technology is a reflection of an even greater revolution—the blossoming of human consciousness.

Steve Jobs with his wife at his last ever keynote presentationUntil recently, metaphysics was known only to the select students in the ashrams and mystery school of the world. Today, the divine is making a greater effort than ever before to open spiritual doors and give humanity every chance to accelerate our spiritual growth. The laws of metaphysics remain the same as they have for ages, yet there has never been a better time to develop ourselves spiritually. In every way, we are at a turning point in the evolution of humanity.

The life of Steve Jobs is a testament to what can be accomplished when you put your mind to it despite obstacles. Our hats off to you Steve and may God bless you and your family.

~Dimitri Moraitis

*copyright 2011


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