Sex and Your Spiritual Ascent

Sex and the spiritual ascentOne of the most fascinating yet confusing areas of metaphysics is the relationship of sex to spiritual activity. I have been asked many times, “Do I have to give up sex to become spiritually enlightened?” How sex fits into the picture of our spiritual unfoldment is not an easy question to answer because for each person it will unfold differently. When St. Paul was asked about sexual conduct, he was careful to reply that his advice was given “by permission, and not of commandment,” meaning he could present his understanding of it, but it was not for him to tell people what to do.

In the aura, sexual activity registers most strongly in the root chakra. There is usually a bright red energy associated with this center when the energy is moving in a positive and creative way. When there is lust, the bright red turns to a dirtied, vitiated red. This can be very devitalizing to the auric field. Asking the white light to go to the root chakra before engaging in sexual activity is very helpful to uplift the experience and keep it moving on a high vibration.

Here are some insights to three most commonly asked questions regarding the metaphysical understanding of sex. I hope they act as a guideline in spiritualizing this part of your life.

Do I have to give up sex to grow spiritually?

The answer is no. A soul can be evolving spiritually and be sexually active. The only time that sex interferes is if you are giving it priority over your spiritual development. It also matters the type of sex you are practicing. Clearly, promiscuous activity is not going to help you advance. One of the quickest ways to squander spiritual energy is through the misuse of sexual energy. The closest two auras come is through sexual intimacy.

Having said this, at a certain point in your spiritual unfoldment, sex will drop away from the picture. As you draw close to the goal of enlightenment, there will be the eventual need to abstain from sex, so the creative powers can be completely redirected for purely spiritual purposes. However, by the time a soul reaches this level, he or she is well prepared mentally and emotionally. Sometimes once a soul has reached enlightenment, they reengage in intimate relations, but more often than not one remains celibate.

Does abstaining from sex help speed up the spiritual growth process?

It depends. In certain situations, abstention can help accelerate your spiritual growth. The reason is not only because of the sexual energy involved, but because a person who is not committed to someone else can have more time to dedicate to spiritual matters. This is the principle of becoming a monk or a nun. What I tell people who want to abstain is: give it a try and see how you respond. If you can handle it, then you’re okay. If the sexual desire remains, it’s better to express it than to allow yourself to burn with desire.

How does being married affect spiritual growth?

The sexual energy is sanctified in marriage by the divine. It’s a beautiful sight to see in the aura. This is why I encourage couples who are committed to each other to marry, even if they do not plan to have children. This is because of the spiritual support married couples receive from the Higher.

Perhaps the greatest challenge in married life is if you allow your spouse to interfere with your spiritual unfoldment. Certainly, love and respect your spouse. Yet, you must be true to yourself. I have seen students leave their spiritual studies at the request or insistence of a spouse.

In closing, sex is a potent spiritual power in you. It can move on the higher ranges of light or the lower ranges. Your goal is to live the spiritual laws to the best of your ability. If you are, the sexual part of you will fall into place. Effectively harnessing this power can greatly quicken your spiritual progress.

In Divine Light and Love,

Barbara Y. Martin


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