Spiritual Energy

All of creation is teeming with spiritual energy, or consciousness. For each stage of life, energy works a little differently depending upon need and characteristic. As energy relates to individual kingdoms and planes of consciousness it takes on various properties. The angelic kingdoms work within their energy field, the animal kingdom in theirs, the nature spirits and devas within their own energy field. The higher up you go in the evolutionary ladder, the more energy is required and used.

Spiritual Energy does not stay the same

In harmony with the rest of creation, we in the human kingdom are in our own energy field. Within our own field of activity there are all types of energies in motion. To name a few, there is:

Also at work is the group energy of your work environment, your religion, and your race. All of these factors determine your state of consciousness. Thankfully, this flow of energy is dynamic and in constant motion, allowing for growth and change.

  • individual energy
  • family energy
  • city energy
  • state energy
  • country energy

Spiritual energy does not stay the same. Your capacity for spiritual energy (enlightened consciousness) fluctuates depending on your thinking and feeling. For example, if you are in a happy frame of mind during the day but get angry that night, your energy is going to reflect that change. You will move from a pink uplifting vibration to a dark vitiated vibration. Of course, this is not your entire aura, nor is it permanent.

Here is where you must learn the technique of raising your consciousness and getting in touch with the higher energies of God. As you strengthen your thoughts and emotions, you strengthen your auric field, thus increasing the amount of spiritual energy you can contain. All this can be done in a direct way if you know the formula.

Spiritual energy and consciousness walk hand in hand. It is part of the Divine’s plan for us to learn how to work with spiritual energy, increasing our vibration and our light. Now is the perfect time to begin the journey!


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