The Athlete’s Aura

An Accomplished Athelete

The first feature recognizable in this aura are the beautiful striations in the health lines. These stream out to the very edge in a vibrant pearly silver hue. The aura of the physical body itself will be strong as well. Red rays of light will shoot out of the hands showing vitality in the aura. Orange and red in the color division shows that the energy and enthusiasm is part of their general character. Sometimes there can also be seen a gold band near the head showing the strength this person has developed and is constantly drawing from.

We all know the dedication and stamina needed to excel in athletics. Silver and yellow are there also but focused primarily on the skills they have developed. In the Hermetic center, the heart chakra, there will be the blue of determination again. Emotions show strong feeling of vitality and competitiveness that’s often there with reds and oranges.

Barbara Y. Martin


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