The Aura and Seeing into the Future

Seeing the future with the auraPeople have often asked if I can see future events in the aura. Sometimes, people want me to be their fortuneteller to reveal what is going to happen to them. It is true that future events do show up in the aura, but what must be remembered is that these future events are potential events. They reveal where the spiritual energy is moving but these things are not fixed in stone. There is always free will. While there is a divine design for each of us, there is flexibility with the outcome of events and experiences that are meant to happen.

A basic principle of the aura is that the energy to create anything in your life first shows up in the auric field. This is because to create anything you first have to generate the spiritual power to manifest your dreams and ambitions. As you diligently pursue your goals, you build more spiritual power. Once this spiritual power gains enough momentum, it will start showing itself in your life.

The spiritual energy of future potential events can start by first showing themselves outside the aura or in the outer circumference of the aura. As they gain more momentum, they start to become a stronger part of the auric field and move closer in. Generally when an experience is close at hand, the energy of that experience can start showing up around the chakras, especially the heart chakra. The energies themselves can be various configurations of light such as spheres or light bursts. Sometimes they can be much more specific such as images of someone new you may meet.

These potential energies are generated from a combination of your own intentions and actions, from the intentions and actions of others who are involved in the potential experience and the influence of the divine. There are many key moments in your life that are part of your Tapestry of Life and these experiences are beautifully orchestrated by the Holy Ones and show up in your aura.

If the potential energy is maintained and strengthened, then the event will come to pass. If however, something comes along to change the conditions, then that energy can dissipate.

For example, if you have your heart set on something, your determination contributes to the momentum of that energy to bring that event into being. But if you change your mind, or lose heart, that energy can weaken lessening the chance of that experience coming to pass. This can also happen if another person connected to your experience redirects their energy. If you are meant to meet someone but that other person willfully redirects their energy another way, it can weaken the potential energy for the two of you to meet.

Meditating with Divine Light can be of great help here. Work with the blue-white fire of new life force to energize future energy in your aura that is meant to come to pass. Ask that this energy rejuvenate you to pursue your highest dreams and aspirations. Always ask that this be done “according to divine law and love for the good of all concerned.” Then work with the gold light asking for illumination to better recognize when those future events reveal themselves. Sometimes, when something actually manifests we can be momentarily distracted or it can unfold in ways we were not expecting. This can cause us to sometimes miss opportunities when they are right in front of us and we have earned the right to have.

The manifesting power of the aura cannot be overestimated. Take time to carefully plan your highest dreams, then go after those dreams with all you have. Work with the Divine Light to help you in your goals. Be steadfast yet flexible as the creative process is fluid. Succeeding in your dreams is a cooperative effort. As you are attaining your dreams, you are helping others to reach their dreams.

Love and light in 2014,

Barbara Y. Martin


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