The Aura and Marriage

Q: How can the aura help when spouses begin to feel less compatible with each other?

As we know, there are many dynamics that go into creating and sustaining a successful marriage. Love is always number one. Without love, no marriage can sustain itself to grow and mature. Certainly we have to be adaptable and demonstrate a dedication to make the relationship work.If you feel that something is not as harmonious as it was with your spouse, the aura can most definitely help. Ask to receive the deep rose-pink ray of spiritual love in all levels of your being to release any fears, irritations or resentments that might be disturbing the relationship. Ask that the angels of love “according to divine law and love” go to your spouse so that he or she be blessed in the love ray as well. This will help you to see things from a fresh perspective and will have an elevating effect on your aura and relationship.


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