The Light of the Soul

Divine Light is a miracle of life. As this spiritual energy flows from the divine source, it feeds all creation. The beauty that is your auric field is composed of spiritual energy that you have attracted and embodied. Through this Divine Light, you create and express yourself.  Yet there is another essential holy light that emanates from the deepest part of you. It is like an aura within your aura. Mystics call this inner light—the light of the soul.

In the aura, the soul light can be seen as brilliant, multi-colored energy rays that emanate from the heart chakra. This chakra is the energetic nucleus of your personal earth affairs. It is your “action” center. From this chakra, all the activities of your life—your career, relationships, finances—make an energetic connection. What’s more, it is the seat of the soul. Through the heart center, your soul gathers up the many experiences of life and grows. This means that you are the gatekeeper to your soul. You decide what you take to heart. You have the right to refuse entrance to any vibration not in your best interest, but you have to exercise this right.

A spiritually strong heart center means you have a tremendous amount of dynamic power and spiritual fortitude. You have the vitality to put into creative expression your goals and objectives. With the same vigor, you have the power to say no to a vibration that is not in your best interest. In contrast, an energetically weak heart chakra indicates you have less power to put goals and aspirations into action. It can make you vulnerable to the tides of life and less sensitive to the vibrations of the Divine.

Life presents all of us with challenges and opportunities. It’s how you handle these life dynamics that determines your spiritual evolution. When you go through a difficult experience and take it deeply to heart, or miss your chance to pursue a wonderful opportunity, it diminishes your soul light. Yet when you face adversity and stay strong, or pursue your highest good no matter the obstacle, you strengthen your soul light.

Watch your tendencies of the heart. The seeds of truth are already in you, but it’s your job to bring them into creative expression. Live your life fully and let your soul light shine. Your spiritual growth is the key to drawing closer to God, fulfilling your purpose in life, and attaining true joy and satisfaction in all you do. Refuse to let any present condition or situation cloud that truth. You have a glorious potential. Be persistent yet patient with yourself. Spiritual growth is a gradual process. Use the divine energies that God gave you to nourish your soul. And always remember that your aura—that miraculous part of you—is always there to help you in your climb upward to the Divine.

If you catch yourself soon enough, you can change the energy flow of the distressed active emanations back to a more positive flow restoring harmony to the aura. But if you let that anger or worry consume you, it can eventually change and darken the energy flow of your fanning rays. That means a deeper auric rhythm has been adversely affected, and this can cause sustained distress. You will feel it, and that feeling will not go away right away. This tells you something deeper is going on. Of course, you can turn around this darkened fanning ray back to the bright colors, but it will take more time and effort.

Nothing can disturb your auric field unless you permit it. If a curve ball is thrown in your life, the first thing to do is keep your equilibrium, even if the answer to a problem is not immediately forthcoming. Maintain your internal auric rhythms, and you will be better able to handle the things being presented to you, one at a time, and you will be moving in God’s rhythm. Meditating with Divine Light is a master key to maintaining your spiritual equilibrium, because it takes power to live in spiritual harmony.


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