The Love of Art

“What art offers is space – a certain breathing room for the spirit.”
John Updike
The Love of Art

It has been said that art expresses what words can not.

A recent study conducted by Professor Semir Zeki, chair of neuroaesthetics at University College London, aims to scientifically validate the importance of art and it’s contribution to our experience of love and pleasure.

In a series of groundbreaking experiments using MRI scans to measure the blood flow in the medial orbit ofrontal cortex, the part of the brain associated with pleasure and desire, Zeki found, “When you look at art – whether it is a landscape, a still life, an abstract or a portrait – there is strong activity in that part of the brain related to pleasure.

“The blood flow increased for a beautiful painting just as it increases when you look at somebody you love. It tells us art induces a feel good sensation direct to the brain.”

Twenty-eight paintings were shown in quick succession to individuals who had very little previous knowledge or understanding of art. The artworks they considered most beautiful increased blood flow in the brain by Inspirations per cent – the equivalent to gazing at a loved one:


Metaphysics views art as an essential aspect of our spiritual development. As reflections of the Divine we are inherently creative – we come from the very source of creation itself. Expressing, cultivating, developing and sharing our creativity is key to living a well lived life.

Dimitri Moraitis, a gifted teacher and metaphysician shares, “As children of God we are inherently creative. Expressing your creativity is an essential part of who you are. It enhances your ability to think, to imagine, and to communicate. If you are not expressing your creativity, a huge part of life is missed.”

The Love of Art

According to Barbara Y. Martin, an international known author and teacher on the aura and metaphysics, there is an entire division in the aura dedicated to creativity, “The magnetic division of the aura comes through is a beautiful electric or peacock blue,” says martin. “The more pronounced this energy is the strong developed the talent. As a person develops their creative skills this energy brightens. The key is to use your creative power, otherwise that creative power can fade over time and this division can become dull.”

Expressing creativity connects us to god. Creating and appreciating art inspires with us the grandeur and beauty of life , and balances other important aspects, such as science and technology. Truly, we are our own masterpieces.

Article by staff writer, Jaqueline Marie

Source: The

Painting: John Constable


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