The Metaphysical Understanding of God

In the 21st century, we are at the threshold of a new era in our understanding and relationship to the Divine. As humanity understands the workings of physical nature better than ever, this beckons us to gain a deeper, more mature understanding of God and the part the Divine plays in our life. Today, God is being approached scientifically, morally and ethically, as well as religiously. Yet it is essential in this modern age to understand God metaphysically.

The holy grail of metaphysics is the direct experience of God while immersed in the physical world. We start on the journey to understand and experience God through love. God is a loving, divine intelligence. The Divine is not an idea or concept to debate. God is not bound to one religious belief or creed but is universal and is for all of us regardless of belief.  Each of us—and all creation—lives, moves, and has its being in God. Every day, we partake of the Divine in some way. It is through God that we expe­rience all that life is in its beauty, power, and majesty.

Love God with every part of you, through all your activities, and through service to others. Then use your mind to understand God, so you can express the intelligence that fashioned you. God works through you as you permit that expression to flow. You are the one who stands at the door to your own consciousness and permits or refuses God’s entry into your consciousness. The choice is always yours, and you will manifest your destiny according to the spiritual choices you make.

Why don’t we see God now? We are already experiencing the Divine to some degree this very moment. The signature of God is everywhere. The process each soul goes through to discover the Divine presence is the journey of spiritual enlightenment. This is the evolution of the soul when it reaches a state of maturity and pierces the veil of matter to perceive into the spiritual dimensions of life.

In this glorious state, the soul experiences the “God within” and crosses the threshold from the life of faith to the life of spiritual knowing. While God dwells in all of us, the Divine knowing is hidden until we seek it out. It is through striving for the Divine that we will inevitably find the Divine. Through seeking, many things are transformed in the soul preparing it for the Experience of all experiences. Like the seedling buried deep in the Earth is striving to break ground to the world of sunlight and the bounty of nature, our soul buried deep in material consciousness is striving to reach the sunlight of eternal truth.

It’s part of every soul’s journey to discover God. Don’t be fooled by the atheist who will tell you God is not there or the agnostic who will tell you it doesn’t matter if God is there or not. God is real whether you are presently aware of that or not. Hold to your highest ideal of the Divine. As you unfold your soul’s potential to unite with the fountainhead of life, the beauty and meaning of life will unfold. Your will feel greater joy and purpose in all you do, and you will build your direct connection to the Divine.

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