What are the Seven Spiritual Arts?

There are many facets to the metaphysical life and it can sometimes be confusing as to where to put your attention first. There is the study of angels, the aura, clairvoyance, chakras, the lower and higher self, energy healing, mediation, karma to name a few. What is often misunderstood is that metaphysics is a multifaceted jewel. Each facet is part of this grand study. The goal of metaphysics is spiritual evolution. It is designed to help you reach your full spiritual potential.

In helping to orient yourself in metaphysics, the divine has identified seven essential studies that act as a foundation for metaphysics. These studies can be thought of as The Seven Spiritual Arts. Of course there are more than seven studies and these seven don’t have to be the first to be studied. Yet in my many years of teaching they are invaluable in building a solid foundation in your spiritual journey.

Here is a brief outline of these seven spiritual arts:

The Aura and Spiritual Energy

The aura is your foundation. Every facet of your life is reflected in your aura. Through the power of the aura, you forge your spiritual mettle and reach the spiritual summit. Through meditation and prayer, you can invoke the various spiritual energies and build your aura. This gives you the divine power to accomplish your goals and aspirations.


You cannot get through this life without the ability to heal. Healing in a word means change—changing one condition to another. As you are spiritually evolving, you are transforming every part of your consciousness. To do that you need to develop your skill as a spiritual healer.

Karma and Reincarnation

We all incarnate in physical form many times to experience life in all its facets. Intimately linked to reincarnation is karma—the law of cause and effect. No matter how much attention you may put on other parts of your spiritual growth, you cannot reach the summit without facing your karma and bringing this part of your evolution into the greater harmony.

Living the Spiritual Life

Truth is not truth until it lives in your heart. The goal with all spiritual knowledge, meditation and prayer is application. The soul can only learn through experience. Metaphysics is meant to be practical in your day-to-day life employing such qualities as faith, trust, love, will, valor, courage, joy, determination, patience to name a few.

The Spiritual Hierarchy

You do not walking the path alone. With you every step of the way is the spiritual hierarchy. These divine beings are guiding your spiritual growth inspiring you with what you need to do to evolve.


Consciousness is king. The act of unfolding your soul’s potential is the act of elevating your consciousness to greater levels of awareness. Consciousness is everywhere and in everything to varying degrees. Intimately connected to consciousness is understanding the mind and emotions and how these are the tools to build your divine awareness.

Your Ascent

It is essential to understand the bigger picture of your spiritual ascent. Right now, you are evolving through the spiritual planes of consciousness. Having the big picture of your ascent acts as a compass to keep you on track and not get lost or distracted in practices that are not really evolving your soul.

Give yourself time to develop your soul’s potential. Be patient yet persistent in applying these Seven Spiritual Arts. Through daily practice, you are building your bridge to the higher life.

In Divine Light and Love,
Barbara Y. Martin


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