A Meditative Prayer for Fresh Inspiration

When you’re feeling stuck or tired, or like you’ve run out of options, it’s time to call on the energy of inspiration.
Every one of us is meant to live an inspired life, for inspiration is the wellspring of the spiritual life.

In the aura, the energy of inspiration is the powder blue ray. This light shows someone who is in tune with the divine creative flows. This restorative energy is wonderful to work with if you feel stuck in your creative expression or wish to open new rhythms in your life.

When saying this meditative prayer, envision a golden sun above your head about two feet. This is your Higher Self Chakra Point. Hold your attention here as you ask the Divine to bless your aura in a shower of Divine Light.

“I ask that you down-ray the powder blue ray of inspiration to my aura and all levels of my consciousness to fill me with the fresh ideas of spirit.
May my mind be One with God Mind, the source of all original thinking. I ask this Divine power to open up new levels of creativity and spiritual expression in my life so that I may more fully contribute to the Divine Plan.


To bring more inspiration and Divine light into your life, visit the SAI Blog for more meditative prayers.


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