Angels and Your Spiritual Division

A most mysterious yet wondrous part of the human aura is the spiritual division. This division looks like a rainbow of light about two feet above our head in seven arcing bands. Angels and Your Spiritual Division jpg imageThese bands of light represent the accumulation of spiritual power we have earned through our various life times on earth. The brighter this division is the more advanced the soul is in its development. Every good deed, every lifetime of spiritual effort, and dedication builds power in this division. When mature, it’s a fantastic sight to see in the aura and is one of the signposts of a truly illumined soul.

When we are born, we bring with us this division. We are meant to make it even stronger and brighter. And at the right time, we are meant to access this accumulated power to help us in our life’s pursuits and spiritual development. When we tap into our spiritual division, it is as if we are tapping into a forgotten spiritual bank account; it becomes a tremendous boost in our spiritual journey. Yet many times, people will have a developed spiritual division but not be accessing that power. This reveals that this person has a strong potential but has not yet awakened that part of their spiritual life.

A unique feature of the spiritual division is its relationship to celestial beings. If a soul has built a strong connection with the spiritual hierarchy in past lives, as many on the path have done, some of that energy accumulates in the spiritual division. When the soul reincarnates, he or she is meant to rekindle the connection with the Divine Ones and the spiritual division can help with that process. When the soul is ready, the Higher will start activating the power of the spiritual division and send that power to us. This will have the effect of reawakening an awareness of the divine we didn’t even know we had. This is wonderful because it means that your spiritual efforts do not go unrecognized. They add to your aura and come back to bless you at the right time.

The trick is we cannot tap the spiritual division ourselves. The timing of when to start receiving from this part of our aura is entirely in the hands of the Higher. This power is very precious and hard won. So even though it is a power we have earned, the Holy Ones wait until we are prepared to receive this energy and use it effectively. For once we do, it opens new doors to our consciousness and we are forever changed for the better.

If we cannot directly access this part of our aura when we want to, how do we better work with the spiritual division? The first key is meditation. Meditation should be a daily practice. Through meditation, you tap into the universal life force and divine inspiration. What’s more, you set the condition to start tapping into your own accumulated spiritual powers.

Another way is to work more closely with the spiritual hierarchy. As you include the Holy Ones in your spiritual practice, you open the door to the inner life which helps to stir the connection to your spiritual division. As you open up to the influence of the angelic beings, you are also opening to past connections to the divine you have earn in other lifetimes. It’s like friends who have not seen each other for a long time, yet pickup the friendships right where they left off.

Remember, your spiritual path is a many lifetime process as is your relationship to the divine. The spiritual division reminds us that each of us is on an extraordinary spiritual journey, greater than we can imagine from our present perspective. The celestial beings can see this greater perspective and help awaken the glorious heritage we are all part of.

Love and light,
Barbara Y. Martin


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