The Inner Aura and Your Spiritual Potential

By Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis

Each of us has a miraculous spiritual power within us. We call this power the aura, or human energy field. The aura is God’s light in you. It is your personal expression of the infinite universal life force. This auric power can be perceived as brilliant iridescent colors. You are a being of fathomless color.

The aura is the energetic foundation from which all achievements are born. Want to generate something in your life? Start by building the auric power to make that dream a reality.  Through the quality of your words, actions, thoughts and feelings you are either building up or depleting this vital auric power.

A fascinating yet little understood aspect of the human energy field is what is called the inner aura. This aspect of your energy field is deeply involved in your evolution and helps you to reach your highest spiritual potential. The inner aura surrounds the body and radiates about a foot in all directions. This aspect of the aura is intense to clairvoyantly see and reflects life lessons the soul is learning.

You are born with a certain configuration of this inner auric power. This configuration gives you the power to master the lessons of your incarnated life. It may be your soul lesson to learn patience, be more dynamic, express your creative gifts more fully, be more tolerant, and so on. This basic lesson will be a running theme in your life, and this will be reflected in the inner aura.

For example, if a life lesson is patience, the inner aura might be emerald green, giving you the power to be patient. If you are meant to learn determination and devotion, your inner aura might be a beautiful royal blue. A pink inner aura indicates the key lesson to learn is love. A white inner aura shows someone who’s meant to express purity in life and not settle for less. As your soul learns this essential lesson, the inner aura brightens and the soul absorbs the spiritual power, uplifting it in its evolution. If you do not learn your life lesson, then this inner aura weakens, indicating there is more work to do to face and master that character trait.

Take time to review what you feel is a life lesson for you. What is a recurring theme in your life when it comes to your character? How successful have you been in strengthening this part of you?

Your spiritual growth is the key to drawing closer to God, fulfilling your purpose in life, and attaining true joy and satisfaction in all you do. Refuse to let any present condition or situation cloud that truth. You have a glorious potential. Be persistent yet patient with yourself. Spiritual growth is a gradual process.

Use the divine energies that God gave you to nourish your soul. Your aura—that miraculous part of you—is always there to help you in your climb upward to God.

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