Bringing Heaven to Earth

While in the midst of life’s challenges, Heaven can feel like a distant wish. When seeing disturbing things happening in the world, the idea of a place of such beauty and perfection can seem more like a dream than something real and tangible to aim for. Yet metaphysics teaches not only is Heaven gloriously real, it’s a state of consciousness to embody here in physical life. By awakening the divine within, you unfold the heavenly part of you. In this way, the Divine is not “out there somewhere” but an innate part of you. As Emmanuel Swedenborg said, “…for heaven is within us, and people who have heaven within them come into heaven.”

How do you bring more of the heavenly vibration into your consciousness, and what can it do for your life? Start by holding to the highest ideal you aspire to reach. Every good word, thought, act and deed builds up your spiritual power bringing you one step closer to the heavenly vibration. Everything you are doing to better yourself is a part of the journey. Acknowledging the divine in and around you even when it appears absent builds a deeper relationship with the heavenly life. Your actions are either drawing you closer to or moving you further away from the divine source. You are already part of the divine, but it’s your choice to express that divinity and develop its expression.

In the heaven worlds there are seven grand divisions—the seven heavens. The scope of these heavens is truly staggering, yet in each of these realms, there are heavenly qualities to start embracing now. These qualities give us a greater understanding of the divine nature of life. They are known as the seven heavenly perfections. These include:

  1. The Perfection of the Eternal Self – While your time on Earth has a beginning, middle and end, your soul is eternal and does not die.
  2. The Perfection of Eternal Life – Life itself is without beginning or end but eternally unfolding and expressing itself.
  3. The Perfection of the Creative Spirit – Life is inherently creative therefore you are inherently creative and need to express that creativity.
  4. The Perfection of Holiness – Even when there is ugliness around you, life is inherently sacred and needs to be honored and revered.
  5. The Perfection of Service – The secret of the greatest joy and satisfaction is what you give, not what you receive. The nature of spirit is to give.
  6. The Perfection of the Infinite Spirit – Life is organized according to levels of consciousness, and you are part of the grand “hierarchy of life” with levels of conscious similar to, not as developed as, and more developed than yourself.
  7. The Perfection of Humility – Taking your place in the divine plan of life and drawing your greatest power from being in alignment with the cosmic order.

All these perfections flow through Divine wisdom and love. In many ways, we already know the road to heaven and what makes for a more heavenly life, but we let the cares and troubles of the world get in our way. We let our own grumblings interfere. In truth, bringing Heaven to earth is not contingent on what is happening in our life, it’s where we live in our hearts. We may not see the whole plan, but as we play our part, we make life more beautiful for ourselves and others.

The place where you build your heavenly power is in your auric field—that marvelous energetic blueprint of your soul. Through meditation and prayer, you can draw in more heavenly Divine Light into your aura. As you express those heavenly qualities in your life, they become a part of you. Your aura can become a haven of enlightened spiritual power. You have the potential to live in the rhythm, color and tone of the heaven worlds making your life beautiful, blessed and an inspiration to others.

Join our Bringing Heaven to Earth Workshop and learn how Heaven is not just a glorious place to aspire to; it is a state of consciousness to embody here in physical life. Heaven is the key to attaining all the potential that is in you as a human soul. By awakening the divine within, you unfold the heavenly part of you.

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