Clearing Negative Thoughts

“You create the parameters of what you will and will not allow yourself to do, and you do this through your thinking. You must recognize that, in whatever state you find your thinking, you can always change that thinking if you so desire.

You are in control of your thinking!

Our thoughts create our experiences, for better or for worse. If you have relinquished control of your thoughts and find yourself in negative patterns, you must reclaim your power and direct your thoughts in a positive direction.

The energy to work (meditate) with is the Orange-Red Flame. Not only can this power ray cut loose specific negative thoughts, it can also cut through clouds of negative energies that may encircle you. You can work with the orange-red flame to release specific destructive thoughts or to conduce a general mental cleansing. “

From Change Your Aura, Change Your Life by Barbara Y. Martin & Dimitri Moraitis


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