Facing Your Fears with the Golden Ray of Wisdom

Fear can certainly have a paralyzing effect upon our lives. It can stop us from going out and doing all that we’re capable of achieving. The thing with fear is it won’t go away by itself. You have to stand up to your fears; you have to face them sooner or later. The mistake too often made is to avoid facing our fears for as long as possible. This only serves to build up the fear bigger than it really is. It’s always better to face your fear as soon as possible. The sooner you face your fears head on, the sooner you put them behind you. You cannot climb high the on spiritual ladder if you are dwelling in the shadows of fear.

Fear shows up as a gray energy in the aura. The divine power that will help you in building courage is the golden ray of wisdom. This is the dynamic energy of confidence. It gives you the strength of God to face and resolve any fears. If God is truly in our corner, what have we really to fear? Use this energy as often as you need to and trust in God that you can surmount any fearful condition that has come into your life.


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