FAQ: What is the Difference Between Prayer and Meditation

Prayer and Meditation are two complimentary practices that work together. Prayer is a petitioning to God, it’s a petitioning to the Divine. It’s a reaching out. When I pray, when anyone prays it’s to make a connection with the Divine source to be part of that eternal. Meditating is a receiving from God so as I petition out through prayer as I reach out to be part of the Divine then as I make that connection I become skilled to receive. To receive the blessings, the Light, the love, the wisdom, whatever it is the Divine wants to bestow upon you, meditation allows you to receive. So in the lightwork that we do, meditation and prayer are like a circuit. One is petitioning, one is receiving and you complete the circuit through what we call meditative prayers. It is very important in meditation to be still, to be able to hear, to listen. So as we quiet our consciousness, not go to sleep, stay very alert but quiet the mind, quiet the soul, quiet the emotions, quiet the body we can become still and understand what the Divine is saying to us. As we reach out through prayer we are reaching out to that higher greater so that we can become still, we can put our mind on those great inspirations coming to us. So in your metaphysical practice you need to do both.


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