Heeding the Spiritual Call

Heeding the Spiritual Call“If you get a spiritual prompting, follow it. It is your destiny calling you.”
– Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis, Karma and Reincarnation

As much as we would love instant enlightenment, the truth is it takes time to reach spiritual maturity. It may take many lifetimes for a soul to reach the place when they are ready to follow the path of enlightenment. It also takes devoted and dedicated teachers to guide the souls of those who truly want to reach the pinnacle of their spiritual potential. It is not enough to have a desire to walk the spiritual path, it is important that you have a burning desire to be ready to give it your all.

The path of consciousness is not an easy path. It requires courage, faith, patience, love, and many other virtues to be able to leave behind attachments, habits, behaviors, thoughts, and emotional patterns that get in the way of living an awaken life.

If you feel the spiritual call, Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis urge you to follow that call, “It is the divine calling you. It’s your time to begin your spiritual ascent,” as they teach. They recommend that you look closely at what you know in your heart you are meant to accomplish and doing all you can to fulfill your purpose. We live in a time when we can grow faster than ever before.

So, are you following through on your spiritual call or letting things get in the way?

By Adriana Paredes (SAI staff)


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