How to Attract Prosperity

Metaphysics teaches that to attract prosperity you must look within yourself. All the prosperity you’ll ever need is already with you, right now.

How to Attract ProsperityFollowing the spiritual point of view that all physical manifestations are the result of inner, spiritual causes, it follows that all physical expressions of wealth and prosperity result from an inner spiritual root of prosperity.


As with everything in life, wealth and supply originate in the spiritual realms.


By touching into your spiritual core, you’re touching into the divine source of all supply. This paces you in the midst of an unending fountain of supply!

To activate this spiritual power of abundance, God gave you a special power ray of light to awaken your consciousness to your birthright of prosperity – the turquoise ray of supply.

The Turquoise Ray of Abundance and SupplyThe turquoise ray is your own special connection to your reservoir of spiritual wealth. It gives you the jump-start you need to actually move the prosperity principles into action.

Prosperity consciousness is one of the natural, inborn attributes of your soul. If you’re lacking in physical resources, it just means you’ve disconnected in this area from your spiritual heritage. Somehow, the turquoise energy is not balanced in your aura, your energetic blueprint.

If you’re in a financial crunch, you can use this ray to help generate income. If you’re anxious about money in general, you can use this ray o help build a more spiritual consciousness of money.


Meditative Prayer for Prosperity


Sit comfortably in a quiet place with your eyes closed, hands resting gently in your lap. Take change-your-aura deep, relaxing breaths , fully expanding your belly on the inhale, and exhaling out all the breath on a sigh.

Down-ray the Turquoise Ray of Abundance and SupplyNow see a brilliant turquoise ray of light beaming down from the heavens directly to your heart. Say the following prayer aloud:

“Down-ray the turquoise ray of abundance and supply, activating my heart, the seat of my soul, and quickening persons, places, things, conditions, and situations, bringing me into perfect prosperity.”

Sense and feel your heart being activated in limitless supply. Feel the warmth and strength of this light illuminating all of your being. See it bringing into your life new avenues of income, and strengthening the ones you already have.

Once this power is established in you and you feel uplifted, give thanks, then let it go from your consciousness. Trust that the energy is in motion.

If you find yourself falling back into worry patterns, repeat the light work. As with all things, the more you put this meditation into action, the more you attract prosperity into your life.

Wishing you the very best in your journey to Enlightenment,

Barbara Y. Martin


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