Living in Peace

From Change Your Aura, Change Your Life, by Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis

Living in Peace

“In times of stress, worry, fear, sadness or grief one of the most helpful energies of all is the deep purple ray of Spiritual Peace. This ray can reach deep within to soothe and calm your soul. There may be impulses to act rashly; this ray can put you in a place of serenity where you will see things more clearly.”

Today is a powerful opportunity to choose Peace. By meditating with the purple ray of Peace you align yourself with the consciousness of Peace, enabling you to think, speak, and act in a Divine manner. If there is difficulty in your life, choose peace. If there is stress, choose peace. If there is conflict, choose peace. You are capable of embodying the peace you are searching for.

Prayer for Peace
“Down-ray the deep purple ray of Peace into my heart to give rest to my soul and to touch into all aspects of my being, raising my consciousness into a state of harmony and peace.”

In divine light,

Barbara Y. Martin


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