Modern Miracles

By Adriana Paredes -SAI Staff

We all love to hear stories of modern-day miracles. In Ventura, CA, “Things From Heaven” is a small gallery that sells the artwork of painting Andy Lakey. It has become a popular location for those looking for a miracle.

In 1985 in a New Years’ party, Andy Lakey overdosed with free base cocaine. As he lay in his shower feeling he was about to die, he asked God to spare his life, promising to change and to do something to help humankind. Moments after his heartfelt prayer, he had a vision of angels surrounding him, supporting and embracing him. Lakey knew his prayers were heard and he had been saved.

True to his word, Lakey completely changed his way of life. He became obsessed with drawing the angelic visions he had in his spiritual encounter. For the next three years, he created hundreds of drawings. He later decided to make painting his profession. He quit his job, opened up an art studio and dedicated himself to create art based on his experience with the angels. The only problem was that Lakey was not trained as an artist and had no clue how to paint. After yet another angelic encounter, he felt inspired to paint no less than 2000 angels, to celebrate the 2000 years of the birth of Christ.

Not only did he accomplish this, his first angel painting was sent to Pope John Paul II and now hangs on the walls of the Vatican. Today, Lakey is well-known for his angelic artwork. His work is revered and many of his supporters say they feel better by simply touching or seeing his angelic art work.

Andy Lakey take no credit for the positive effects people report from his art. He says, “It’s God’s light that has worked through me into the art work.”

Clairvoyant and spiritual teacher Barbara Y Martin reminds us that, “Angelic beings are a guiding force for humanity. Sometimes we are so immersed in our life’s problems that we forget we have this divine support. In my personal and professional life, I work very directly with the angelic beings, and simply could not have accomplished what I have without their love and care.”

Executive director and spiritual teacher Dimitri Moraitis adds, “This story reminds us how much we can accomplish when we put our trust in God. It doesn’t matter what’s going on in our life or what has happened, there’s always opportunity to renew our bond with Spirit.”

In this Holiday season of spiritual celebration, we all desire to experience the presence of the angels near us. We may do so by tending to the inner qualities that make our soul shine. When we strive to be the best we can be, we may feel God’s messengers walking with us in our daily lives.


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