Overcoming Obstacles in Realizing Your Tapestry of Life

One of the great spiritual revelations is that everyone has a purpose. No one incarnates in physical life without being part of a greater plan. It is too easy to think that life is random and happenstance, that we are wandering for this brief time on earth without rhyme or reason. The truth is there is a tremendous spiritual process going on with each soul. There is a plan which metaphysics calls The Tapestry of Life. The seeds to accomplish this purpose are placed in your aura and consciousness. It becomes your mission to weave this tapestry in physical life. Yet too many times, we don’t complete the full breadth of what we came here to do. Why?

If you feel there is more for you to do in your life pursuits, there are two things to look at: knowing your purpose and taking all the steps to complete your purpose. If you fail in either one of these areas, you will leave this earth with unfinished business.

How many times have we prayed to the Divine asking, “What is my purpose?” For some, the answer is clear. Yet for others, this is a question that seems to go unanswered for years. The key is you must seek for answers to the riddles of life. As the Bible states, “Seek and you will find.” The searching is part of the spiritual process. While the energy of your purpose is within your aura right now, through effort, you activate this embedded energy, creating and unfolding more energy. And like a seed that has been germinated, eventually it will flower and bring to your conscious awareness what has already been planted in your heart. This is a lifelong process as your purpose is not just one thing. There are several stages, corresponding to the stages of your life, in the unfoldment of your tapestry.

Trust is an important part of realizing your purpose. Trust in the divine process, even if that process is not clear to you at present. There is a greater intelligence guiding and supporting you every step of the way. The question is: are you listening? Remember, your purpose is not just about you; it’s about how you are cooperating with others in the greater plan. So pace yourself as all the elements of your purpose come together.

The other area where we can fall short is not doing what it takes to fully complete our purpose. There are times when it is clear what needs to be done, but we don’t follow through as we should.  Maybe we feel we don’t have what it takes to get the job done, or don’t have the desire or determination. We may simply be lazy and not willing to put in the needed effort. Too often, we quit too soon. There may be obstacles or delays, and we become discouraged. Remember completing your tapestry of life will, at times, demand more than you think you have to give. If great things were accomplished easily, they would not be so worthwhile.

There is nothing more satisfying in life then completing what we came here to do. Keep seeking and keep trying. Don’t give up until you find. As you are seeking, you build spiritual power. You awaken the spiritual seeds planted in your consciousness. Eventually life will unfold its mysteries. Meditate with Divine Light to inspire you and reveal the next steps in your spiritual unfoldment.


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