Secret Destiny of America

We all know the inspiring story of the formation of the United States—how a rebel colony broke away from the mighty British Empire to establish a new nation in a new land, founded on the highest ideals of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Modeling this new country on the ancient Greek democratic system, the Founding Fathers established what was to become one of the most successful and influential nations in the world today.

What is less understood are the mystical roots of our nation and how the United States is part of a greater plan for all humanity. These spiritual roots were initiated and are perpetuated by spiritually advanced souls who work behind the scenes. Their purpose is to tirelessly strive to further the divine plan, uplifting and inspiring humanity. These illumined souls are found in every country.

The formation of the United States was greatly inspired by these mystics, some of whom were among the first Americans. They worked in secret to preserve the integrity of their work from persecution and corruption. These souls held to the highest and most noble ethics and ideals. They were strategically positioned throughout political, financial, educational, business and religious systems and institutions. Their work continues today as they are making bold efforts to help usher humanity into a more enlightened age. The spiritual vision that has made America great is part of a universal plan to establish a world democratic fellowship of all nations and races on earth of free thinking, creative expression, and spiritual freedom.

This global fellowship is the needed foundation for a new spiritual age—the New Day—that has been promised but yet to be fulfilled. It’s up to us to lay the groundwork in every field of endeavor so that humanity is ready for a golden age that is our collective destiny.

We are the builders of civilization. As the various nations of the world are becoming more interdependent, we need to develop a stronger international ethical system and a shared unity of human interest. To do this, as the great spiritual philosopher Manly P. Hall states, “Civilization needs a world purpose—a world dream great enough to inspire unity of world effort.”

More than ever, we need to embody the founding principles that have made this country great. We are at the threshold of what our democratic commonwealth can be. Despite present conflicts and challenges, the world is headed for brighter days. It’s up to us to contribute our part in building a better world for ourselves and generations to follow.


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