Spiritual Healing for Cancer

It is our great pleasure to share with you the work of one of our students, Shon Prem Bon Soeng. Shon is a student in the Teacher Training Program and is certified with the institute as a spiritual healer. She recently began participating in a clinical study at prestigious hospital in Israel as to the beneficial effects of aura healing with cancer patients. Shon is revolutionizing the medical field. May Mother/Father God bless her work~

Spiritual Healing for Cancer

I have been a student of Barbara Y. Martin and Spiritual Arts Institute for several years and recently was certified as a spiritual healer through the institute’s Practitioner Healing Program. Although I live in Israel, I have been taking the program online, as well as attending retreats in Southern California.

Since December 2010, I have been participating in special two-year study being conducted at Rambam Medical Center, one of Israel’s most prestigious hospitals, where they are exploring the beneficial effects of alternative therapies with cancer patients. This research aims to find out how complementary medicine affects the quality of life of oncology patients, particularly regarding the symptoms of the secondary effects of chemotherapy or the symptoms of the disease itself in the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual aspects.

In this study, I am practicing the Direct Healing techniques learned through Spiritual Arts Institute in a clinical environment. After only six months of work, I would like to share some of my extraordinary experiences with you.

Rambam Health Care Campus is Northern Israel’s largest hospital, housing Rambam Medical Center, a European Society Medical Oncology Center (ESMO) of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care. It is now the 8th year that oncology patients of Rambam Hospital can choose to receive complementary medicine sessions in the Oncology Supportive and Palliative Care Unit alongside their chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other treatments traditionally received in conventional medicine.

The Supportive Care Unit, where I conduct the spiritual healings, is located in the Oncology Day Care Ward, where people with different types of cancer and at every stage of the disease come to receive their chemotherapy treatments. Patients that choose to receive spiritual healing sessions or other complementary medicine sessions within the Unit can also take part in the ongoing research conducted. Patients who agree to participate in the research start the spiritual healing sessions are at different stages of the disease and treatment. Spiritual healing sessions are also being given to patients who are considered to be at a terminal stage.

Spiritual Healing for Cancer Overall, patients who take part in the research receive evolving-your-soul sessions of spiritual healing, 45 minutes each, once a week. As of this writing, more than 100 spiritual healing sessions have been given in the Supportive Care Unit. Results of the research will be published in an internationally renowned scientific magazine in 2012. While the healer is not informed of which patient is taking part in the research, all patients give their direct, spontaneous and immediate feedback.

Patients that have been receiving healing are from 24 to 72 years old, and come from different social backgrounds and beliefs. For those with a religious background, patients have shared they have been praying to God to heal them and are so moved by the fact that these spiritual healing sessions are offered in the hospital. For them it is God sent. As a consequence, they are very open to receive the healing Light.

Some patients are atheists. They say they do not especially believe in God; even the word ‘God’ creates some kind of resistance in their minds. However, they keep on coming back to the healing sessions, saying they feel comfortable and interested by our talks, with which we open every session, and that the healing makes them feel better. Believers or non believers, they want to be healed. My job is to help facilitate that by bringing the person into a state of consciousness where they are relaxed, open and ready to receive the Light.

Examples of Spiritual Healing

Here are three stories of the effects on patients during and after healing sessions:

  1. A patient with pancreatic cancer with metastasis in the liver and lungs who was surgically operated on a few times to remove cancer reported a sensation of deep serenity and peace from the first healing session. After his 4th healing session this week, he said he felt a huge relief in breathing difficulties. He had also shared he could feel different sensations with the various light rays. In his early sixties, he never knew about spiritual healing before we started a few weeks ago. The same sensation of relief in breathing after a healing session was reported by other patients with lung cancer as well. (At least change-your-aura-spiritual-healing lung cancer patients reported the same sensation of relief in breathing.)
  2. A 43 year old woman with colon cancer shared how she is entered into a state of deep serenity and relaxation when we start the direct healing session. She received 8 healing sessions. In the process, I could see her mental and emotional bodies being lifted from negative states of sadness and fear to happiness, courage and hope. From pessimism to optimism, from negative to positive speech, from tears to smiles, from fatigue to vitality and growing energy. Her blood counts were lifted, as well, from low levels of thrombocytes (where the chemotherapy treatment cannot be administered) to balanced blood counts after a healing session.
  3. As a part of a medical staff exchange program, a group of nurses from Thailand came to see how the supportive care unit is working, in particular, that day, how the Spiritual Healing session goes. I received them both in the treatment room for about an hour to explain what spiritual healing is.Then I did a Inspirations minute “demonstration” of a healing session to each one of them. The first nurse said that she had felt the heat of my hands and a deep relaxation sensation, as if she is going to fall asleep. The second nurse said that she was in a deep state of calmness and could see green, yellow and orange lights moving in her abdomen area, feeling as if something had been cleaned and left her body.

Reactions to Spiritual Healings by Medical Doctors

The Health Wheel A few months ago, I was asked to give a short lecture about Spiritual Healing in a day seminar for the Medical Staff of the Oncology division of Rambam Hospital. The medical staff was divided to realizing-your-purpose groups. At the end of one lecture, after demonstrating the direct healing technique, a social worker commented with teary eyes, “I had some terminal patients that had just been told they only had a short time to live. Some have young children and very sad family stories. They asked me questions and I didn’t know what to answer or where to send them to. I wish I knew that I could send people to these sessions when they are asking me existential questions and I don’t know what to say or where to send them, now I know.” She said with relief.

Another doctor asked me “How are these sessions helping the patients when they only have a few more days to live and anyway they are going to die”? I spoke about the continuation of the soul and the work on the astral body, about preparing them for an easier transition, as well as simply receiving them with love and compassion, listening to them, allowing them to ask any question they might have and helping them to connect with the higher.

Just before the closing circle, the senior doctor (who is the director of the supportive care unit, the initiator and responsible for the research on the effects of complementary medicine on cancer patients), asked for a healing session for himself. He laid on the treatment bed for a 15 minute healing session. It was in the big hall in the presence of other medical staff and participants in the seminar. When he got up off the treatment bed he said he had had a leg pain before the session, which he didn’t tell me about, and that it had passed during the session.

To finish, the chief nurse of the oncology division, responsible for all the therapists and the patients of the supportive care unit (She was participating as a member of the first group of the medical staff groups) shared with me in the presence of the other members of the group that she is sending the most difficult cases to the spiritual healing sessions and that the patients are reporting to her that they are very pleased with the healing sessions.

A Story of Personal Healing

There are many more stories of the effects of spiritual healing on cancer patients I could write about. Every day of work in the oncology ward is rich with people’s moving life stories, but the last one I chose to share is not someone else’s moving life story, it was happening at home. It is the story of my own mum.

My mum is in her mid-fifties, a school principle in Israel. Six months ago she was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer in advanced stage. It was growing fast and spreading everywhere through the lymphatic system. She was quite shocked at the diagnosis and afraid of what she was going to go through. She knew all that so well, as her own mother died from cancer at the age of 49.

Energy Healing She was prescribed 8 cycles of chemotherapy and biological treatments. When she returned home after her first treatment, I started doing healing work for her as well as ask for the healing support of Spiritual Arts Institute. After the second chemotherapy treatment, we did more direct healing and there was a special moment. While she was praying strongly to God to heal her and I was holding my hand above her hermetic center, we could both see the atoms leaving her body and being dissolved.

From that moment on, she knew she was going to be healed.

When she reached the 4th cycle of chemotherapy, she was taken to do a PET CT scan to see the progress of the disease. The results of the scan were amazing! Although she was only half way through the conventional treatment, there were no signs of cancer in her body whatsoever, not even a trace of the disease that usually takes some time to disappear from the body even after chemotherapy treatment is finished, but here nothing!

Our joy was immense, but she was now faced with a decision whether to continue the difficult chemotherapy treatments. She decided to finish the cycles. Another PET CT scan after the 8th treatment confirmed, once again, she was indeed completely healed and there was no trace of cancer in her body. We were all so grateful.

I can very clearly see how the healing principles helped save my mum’s life and are helping to save other people’s lives. I am deeply grateful to God and the Higher to be able to do this work and to Barbara and Spiritual Arts for all that I have learned. All patients are someone’s mum or dad, daughter or son. It is always the same healing method and technique that I am practicing while at work in the hospital. It is always with the same level of consciousness that I enter the healing room and receive the patient for their healing session, always keeping the vision of their divine image in which they are already healed.

Shon Prem Bon Soeng is a certified psychotherapist and an officially authorized Zen teacher. Her spiritual healing work is certified through Spiritual Arts Institute. She lives in Israel and is currently opening a healing center where she will conduct clinical psychotherapy, spiritual healing sessions and classes in metaphysics and Zen. You may email her at: One@SpiritualSpring.org.


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