Spiritual Protection

A most essential part of metaphysical work is protection. We all know how we must protect ourselves physically, but we also need to protect ourselves spiritually. We live in a sea of spiritual energy and it is very easy to get caught in energies of a low vibration without intending to. Spiritual protection keeps us in our own sphere of divine power. It lets in the uplifting energies while refusing the destructive vibrations.

Gold is the strongest energy of protection. Envisioning yourself in a golden bubble of light is very effective in building a protective spiritual shield around you. Your aura automatically has a protective quality to it, but adding the spiritual protection gives you even more power to maintain your spiritual equilibrium. And as you consistently work with the golden light, your protection continues to build.

I recommend reinforcing the golden bubble of protection when you wake up in the morning, before you go to work, before you go to sleep at night, before going to a party or meeting. If you got upset or something disturbed you, take a moment to reinforce the golden light. Think of the gold as your spiritual bodyguard. Working with the white light for protection is excellent as well. The white light brings in the divine essence and purity which automatically has an uplifting quality and helps you to disconnect any negative energy. The two together are unstoppable.

We would love to hear about your experiences of working with divine protection.


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