Blessings Received – Testimonials from Spiritual Arts Students

Flower blessed with loveI feel like I have waited my whole life to find these teachings. I feel so blessed beyond anything I can put into words, like my heart has cracked open and humility has come to the surface. I feel in the moment and my ego is sitting in the back seat. I have been on and off the spiritual path my entire life and have always wrestled with my lower emotions. Now I feel I have made a very firm commitment within myself and am ready to dig deep and end my struggle with my lower emotions/ nature. I am committed to the higher path and to love. Laura –  Escondido, CA

Barbara’s teachings, together with Dimitri, have really changed my life. And I find that the light work has not only brought peace and strength in me to face the many changes in the world right now, but it has also blessed the people I love. As I grow in the light they are blessed too!   Wrena – Encinitas, CA

The classes at Spiritual Arts Institute have achieved the remarkable and wonderful feat of lifting me above life’s fray and into a larger, clearer, and more peaceful perspective. Since I have been taking classes with Barbara & Dimitri, my home life, career and personal balance  are all remarkably – almost magically – improved. Joan – Dana Point, CA

The smartest choice I have made in my life is taking classes at SAI. Yoshiko – Oak Park, CA

Edited by M.G.


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