The Coming Spiritual Renaissance

Many have asked about the year 2012 and its spiritual significance. Books have been written on the topic. There are workshops and lectures discussing 2012, and there is even a major motion picture coming out with an apocalyptic view of 2012. For those of you not familiar with this date, 2012 is based on the idea that the Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar ends its 5000 year cycle in the year 2012. It is thought that this could portend a major world event whether that event is physical or spiritual in nature. While there is no common agreement in archaeological circles regarding the interpretation of the calendar and what it means to us, there has been a groundswell of interest as to what this all might mean to humanity.

The Coming Spiritual RenaissanceCertainly, there is a spiritual awakening that is globally taking place. Despite the increasing challenges of life and the accelerated pace of our day-to-day existence, we are searching more earnestly than ever before for real answers to life’s biggest questions. It is natural to ask where this is all leading to. Are we truly in the beginning of a new age of spiritual awareness? Are we on the verge of a global shift?

I would like to share with you my understanding on this topic as has been shared by the Higher as it reveals some important insights into human nature and where we stand collectively as a civilization. Despite the many predictions, the Higher shares quite simply that there is no spiritual significance to 2012. While it is true there are some cosmological correlations to the date, it does not mark the beginning of a new level of spirituality or end of life as we know it now.

However, this revelation still does not fully answer why all the excitement. For so many people to take interest in 2012 there must be some underlying cause, something to drive all this excitement. We can look at the 2012 phenomenon as an expression of our hopes and fears as well as an inner sense of some dramatic spiritual forces at work in our lives.

The first thing to see is what metaphysics has been teaching all along: We are responsible for our own spiritual evolution. While the divine guides us each step of the way, we have to walk the path to enlightenment on our own regardless of the age or times we live in. The earth has gone through many epochs, both physical and spiritual, and will continue to do so. We must be careful to avoid looking for a single event to change our lives. Too many times, people use apocalyptic visions as a way to escape from life or problems they many be facing.

Some have used the current economic crisis as an indicator that a spiritual tipping point is occurring. Again we must take a more sober viewpoint and see that historically there have been many financial crises and probably will continue to be. The Higher has already shared with us that the current financial crisis was due to karma—in other words the results of our own collective actions. And while it is true that certain celestial rhythms were in alignment which to contributed to bringing the crisis to a head when it did, the cause was still our own. Fortunately, we have moved out of this difficult alignment, even though we are still feeling its effects. And as long as we are learning our lessons, things will slowly get better.

Yet, beyond present conditions or the significance of 2012 is a bigger question: Is there really a spiritual shift of momentous proportions coming? The answer is absolutely yes! Without question, there is a New Day coming for humanity and the world as a whole. As glorious and wondrous as this new era will be, in fact it is a natural progression of life and part of the divine plan that has been in motion for a very long time.

If 2012 is not the date, when will this New Day come? The truth is no one knows. Only God knows when the world is ready for such change. And you should not try to guess when this will happen. Right now, what is more important is to live as spiritual a life as you know and make your contribution to the divine plan. Be the best person you know how to be and let God do the rest. The spiritual awakening that is happening is just the beginning of the spiritual renaissance that has yet to arrive.

May it be said here that regardless of when the New Day will come, the door is always open for your own personal enlightenment. You do not need some special date to change your life or to fulfill your life’s purpose. You can make the change any time you wish, as you are the master of your own destiny.

In Divine Light and love,

Barbara Y. Martin


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