Understanding Your Higher Self

Your Higher Self nature is the key to drawing to your consciousness all the Divine Light, love and inspiration that flows from the divine. It is an essential part of your life and spiritual anatomy.

In your aura, the Higher Self appears as a radiant point of light about two feet above your head. You can think of it as an 8th chakra. This point radiates beautiful light rays of divine power and vitality. The Higher Self is the guiding force for you-the evolving soul.

Your Higher Self is aware of many things. It knows your purpose in life, your spiritual potential, your karma, your strengths and weaknesses. The Holy Ones work very closely with your Higher Self because it’s the part they can identify with and relate to the most. Day by day, the Higher Self is working to realize your tapestry of life.

The problem is too often we don’t listen to the prompting our own Higher nature is giving us. Why? For one, many people are simply not aware that the Higher Self is there. We can be so focused on our lower nature that we don’t realize there IS as higher nature. This is why spiritual education is so important. The more you learn about yourself, the more you can do in life.

Another reason you may not respond to the Higher Self is a difficulty in telling the difference between the Higher Self speaking and the lower self. This is a huge dilemma even for those on the spiritual path. Being aware that there is a higher nature doesn’t mean you are in tune with the Higher. The process of distinguishing what is coming from the Higher and what is your own human nature is not easy to decipher. It requires steady practice and effort to truly build the rapport with the Higher Self.

The other challenge is your lower nature may not like what the Higher is saying! For example, there may be something you want very much and when you really do a good job to connect with the Higher-you may get the inspiration that this is not the way to go. Or the answer that comes may challenge the status quo. In either case, the lower nature can end up rejecting the Higher inspiration-even though that inspiration is exactly what the soul needs in order to grow. In this instance, what is missed is that when you are reaching for the Higher, in a very real sense, you are reaching for something greater than yourself. This means you are not always going to intellectually be able to rationalize the answer that comes. If you intuitively sense that this is right, you are going to have to trust in the Higher until you can see the results of your inspired actions.

This is why it’s so important in spiritual work to keep an open and flexible mind when dealing with the Higher Self. If you are really listening to the divine, you have to be willing to sometimes change directions or approach in your life’s pursuits. If what you are receiving comes from the Higher, it will always be for the better.

A great key in building a stronger connection to your Higher Nature is meditation. The practice of raising your consciousness to the Higher Self and opening to receive from God is an indispensable tool in connecting with the Higher. The more you work with the Higher Self, the more it can work with you.

In Divine Light and Love,

Barbara Y. Martin

*copyright 2011


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