What is Happening to Religion?

What is Happening to Religion?According to a recent poll 77% of Americans say religion is losing its influence in the United States, the highest percentage in more than 40 years. Yet 75% of those polled believed the country would be better off if it were more religious.

Our nation has become disenfranchised with religion, yet as a people we recognize the benefits of aligning with spiritual values. Although church attendance is at an all time low, more than ever individuals are asking questions and seeking a deeper spiritual understanding.

Why is this happening?

Sadly, many of our religious institutions are not living up to their potential. If they tapped more into that expansive inspiration that is the foundation of all genuine religions, they would be able to give us the spiritual substance we need.

To fill this dissatisfaction with the present state of religion, many are experimenting with religious practices other than the ones they were brought up with to try and fill a need. And many are turning to metaphysics to fulfill their spiritual needs.

One of the leading metaphysical teachers and clairvoyant, Barbara Y. Martin, emphasizes that religions and metaphysics work together. Together, they are part of the big picture of spirituality. Barbara was born with the ability to see auras, yet was raised as a Greek Orthodox and her father was a priest. So she had both the religious and metaphysical experience. Along with co-founder Dimitri Moraitis, she runs a nonprofit, Spiritual Arts Institute, that focuses on metaphysics and spiritual development.

Barbara teaches that religion and metaphysics go hand in hand. The religious experience brings souls into faith, giving substance to something you have not actually seen, felt or experienced. This is the beginning of an inner conviction of the Divine.

Barbara shares, “Yet faith is not an end unto itself. Faith must eventually give way to knowing. And here is where metaphysics comes in – Metaphysics helps the growing soul bridge the gap between faith and knowing through the process we call enlightenment.”

Enlightenment is a term typically associated with Eastern religions, yet Barbara teaches that every spiritual study has an esoteric, metaphysical branch to help souls achieve a personal experience of the Divine.

What this tells us is that religion can still fulfill its part in the divine plan, but needs to work harder to keep fresh and open to divine inspiration. It also tells us that many now are truly ready to take the leap into the metaphysical world of spiritual knowing.

By Jaqueline Marie – SAI student


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