The Secret Destiny of America

We all know the inspiring story of the formation of the United States—how a rebel colony broke away from the mighty British Empire to establish a new nation in a new land, founded on the highest ideals of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

The Aura and Creative Inspiration

Creative Inspiration

Creativity is essential both personally and in a progressive society. The world needs creative energy. Regardless if you are an artist or inventor, creativity needs to be part of your life. It is part of your spiritual power and makes life exciting. In today’s technological world, we tend to downplay the creative process, yet both […]

The Aura and Leadership

We are all given the test of leadership at one point or another. It’s part of our spiritual growth as many talents and character traits must be developed to be an effective leader. There are lessons for those who lead and for those who are under the leadership of someone. When in a leadership role, […]

What is Happening to Religion?

According to a recent poll 77% of Americans say religion is losing its influence in the United States, the highest percentage in more than 40 years. Yet 75% of those polled believed the country would be better off if it were more religious. Our nation has become disenfranchised with religion, yet as a people we […]

The Teachers behind the Kingdom of Light Teachings

After many years of offering classes in metaphysics on her own, Barbara found a dedicated student who became her collaborator and director of Spiritual Arts Institute (SAI). While Barbara has been a recognized spiritual teacher for many years, Dimitri has now emerged as a teacher of The Kingdom of Light Teachings ™. In this second […]

Metaphysics & The Kingdom of Light Teachings

Through the years, many have asked me the name of the spiritual teachings that have been the cornerstone of my metaphysical work and are the cornerstone of the spiritual work at Spiritual Arts Institute. All the clairvoyant insights and metaphysical teachings I have shared for the last 50 years on the aura, spiritual energy and […]

The Seven Spiritual Arts ~by Barbara Y. Martin

The spiritual path is the most beautiful path you can embark upon – yet it is also the most demanding. Developing your spiritual nature requires effort, dedication and sincerity. It brings out the best in you – gives you courage to overcome adversity, heal conditions in your life and brings talents and abilities to their […]

FAQ About Metaphysics

living-light. What is the purpose of metaphysics? To offer insight and assistance in accelerating the soul’s spiritual unfoldment. news. Is metaphysics a religion? No. Metaphysics is a way of life. It’s a lifestyle that combines an approach, a philosophy, and a practical way of living. change-your-aura. Do I have to give up my religion to […]

Religion and Metaphysics

Q: Do I have to give up my religion to walk the metaphysical path?   A: The answer is a resounding no. You can most definitely continue your religious practice and embrace the metaphysical path. As a matter of fact, metaphysics can deepen your understanding and appreciation of the religion you may be practicing. Metaphysics […]

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