Change Your Aura, From Barbara and Dimitri

Overcoming Mass Hypnosis

We marvel in this information age how much human knowledge is readily accessible and how quickly we can communicate with each other, which has greatly

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Bringing Heaven to Earth

While in the midst of life’s challenges, Heaven can feel like a distant wish. When seeing disturbing things happening in the world, the idea of

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Rethinking Climate Change

“Audiatur et altera pars – May the other side also be heard.”— English Natural Justice Today, the alarm bells have rang for the “climate crisis.”

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What is Spiritual Growth?

More people are having their spiritual awakening than ever before. Yet with all this enthusiasm, many do not have a clear picture of what the

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The Aura and Truth

By Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis One of the most fascinating aspects of the human aura is it doesn’t lie! Everything you truly think,

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Secret Destiny of America

We all know the inspiring story of the formation of the United States—how a rebel colony broke away from the mighty British Empire to establish

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Sex and Your Spiritual Ascent

One of the most fascinating yet confusing areas of metaphysics is the relationship of sex to spiritual activity. Many sincere spiritual seekers wonder if they

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The Light of the Soul

Divine Light is a miracle of life. As this spiritual energy flows from the divine source, it feeds all creation. The beauty that is your

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